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Our only domain name: nbmeisler.com

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Barn door:

English is Barn door. Originally a warehouse door for foreign farms, it was later used indoors. The barn door is actually a kind of sliding door. The track is exposed, the installation is simple, and the hand can even DIY. The shape of the door can be wild or graceful, and can be matched with almost any decoration style.

First, the advantages of the barn door

1, look good!

Nordic, rustic, Japanese, modern and minimalist styles can be paired with the barn door.

2, convenient!

Can be removed, can be reused, if you want to move, you can move away with the door.

3, personality!

Although the barn door is more popular in the past two years, it is still a small number of installations. If you use the barn door, you will definitely become a unique scenery.

We are specialized in providing barn door hardware manufacturer.



Hardware Finish :Bronze

Maximum Door Thickness (Inches) :1.75

Warranty:Limited lifetime

Manufacturer Color/Finish:Oil Rubbed Bronze

Type:Barn door kit

Door Mount Location:Top mount

Package Quantity:1


Accessories information


The hardware kit is for single door--6.6ft track

Door weight capacity: 150-230lb

Doors Thickness fit for: 1 3/8 - 1 3/4 inch (35mm - 45mm)

Track's length should be twice of your door panel's width, please select the length based on the door panel or opening.

The distance from the top of the door to ceiling is about at least 7.9inch/20cm.

Package Includes:

2 x 3.3FT Track

5 x Track & Wall Connector: Mount track to wall

2 x Door Stoppers: Keep rollers on track

2 x Steel Hangers: For use with door

1x Floor Guide: Keep door in its position

2 x Anti-Jump Pad: Prevent door from falling down

1 x Installation Manual: Help you install your barn door easily

And other Screw parts for you to assemble.Other track accessories are as follows



Other packaging options


Installation Guide

1. Only the hardware is for sale, doors are not included.

2. If you are installing the hardware on a concrete wall, please send us a message asking for bolts specifically for concrete walls. The hardware package only has lag bolts for wooden wall or drywall. 

3. Our sliding barn door hardware kit is compatible with door thickness from 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches. If you have thinner or thicker door, please contact us for the correct length of the hex bolts of the hangers or you can get them from your local hardware store. Please also notify us to put spacer extensions in the package if you have thicker doors. The spacer extension will extend the track further from the wall to fit the thicker door.


Q: When do you need a headboard?

a. If the studs don't line up with the pre-drilled holes in the rail.

b. If there is a doorway trim.

And 'door depth' plus 'trim depth' is greater than 2''

Q: How much space do I need above the doorway?

A: You will need a minimum of 6" from the top of your door to the ceiling (or crown molding, if any) for this kit to fit correctly.

Q: How to ensure the stability and safety of the door?

2 Door Stoppers: Two door stoppers slide along the rail and tighten down at any point to stop your door exactly where you want, and they’re cushioned by rubber caps for a quiet close.

1 Floor Guide: A T-shaped floor guide is supplied (with anchors) to prevent the door from swinging out or up against the baseboard.

2 Anti-jumpers- those little round discs- go on top of the door and won't allow door to be lifted off rail unless they're turned.

Q: How thick of a door will this kit work with?

A: There are solutions for any thickness of door! The bolts included for attaching the hangers to the door support a thickness range of 1 35mm to 45mm, but this can be easily navigated by countersinking the bolt head into the back side of the door, or by picking up 4 longer bolts from your local hardware store. The other thing affected by a thicker door is the spacing needed between the door and wall (or baseboard/doorway trim). Plug in your door depth and trim depth below:

2"- door depth - trim depth

If your answer is 0 or greater, then you're fine. If your answer was negative, then that number is the extra spacing you need. This extra spacing is accomplished by bolting a header board to the studs, and then the rail to this header board.